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SQL Developer 4.2 Early Adopter

Since a few days it is possible to download the new SQL Developer 4.2 in the Early Adopter Edition.

Infos about the new features can be found here by ORACLE or by ThatJeffSmith.

Here the list of new features coming from ORACLE:

  • In-Line Editing: simply arrow around your currrent statement or script without needing to invoke an external editor
  • Automatic Formatting: SQL output can be formatted to fit your screen or to CSV, JSON, Delimited, HTML, Insert statements, or XML
  • New Commands: DDL, CTAS, REPEAT, INFO (an updated version of DESC), and many more. Use the HELP command for a full list.
  • Client-Side Scripting: Use JavaScript in combination with SQL and PL/SQL
  • SQL History: Records previous 100 executed statements and scripts and can be recalled with up and down arrow keys
  • Tab Completion: Get assitance with object names, keywords, and more with the TAB key
  • Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service support
  • New command, SET ENCODING. Example, SET ENCODING UTF-8, allows for reading a file for a certain encoding
  • SSHTUNNEL now allows user to change default SSH port 22. Example, username@hotname:port
  • INFO and CTAS commands now support TAB completion for object names.
  • SET WALLET no longer requires a password for the wallet.

Sqldeveloper Language

Sqldeveloper Language
To change the GUI-Language without NLS-Parameters to english add the following lines to


AddVMOption -Duser.language=en

Tested for SQL-Developer 1.5x, 2.1.x, 3.0.x, 3.1.x, 4.0.x, 4.1.0, 4.1.1

Entries in sqldeveloper/ide/bin/ide.conf will also change NLS-Parameter!

SQL Developer Standardpath for open and close file dialog box

SQL Developer Standardpath for open and close file dialog box

It is very time consuming to click a long path to the directory to want to because sql-developer does not save the last path in the open/save-file dialog-box. I didn’t find infos about how and when a favorite-icon appears in the A workaround is to use a favorite-icon which appears in the file-dialog-box under the name ‚SQL‘.

This can be done as follows:

German: Menü: [Extras]->[Voreinstellungen]->[Datenbank]->[Arbeitsplatt]
English: Menu: [Tools]->[Preferences]->[Database]->[Worksheet]

here is the formular-field which can bee filled by opening a file-dialog-box to choose a directory.

German: 'Standardpfad zur Suche nach Skripten wählen'
English: 'Select default path to look for scripts'

Please select a directory in the directory you want to be in by opening file save/open – dialog box.

For example:
To open the path: 'C:\sql'
you have to select a directory as for example 'C:\sql\tmp'.

Now you can jump to your needed path by clicking on the ’sql‘-favorite-icon in the open/save-file-box.

Testet with SQL-Developer 3.2.09