PLDOC is a generator which generates HTML-Docs in the format of JAVA-Doc for PL/SQL or PLSQL-Code like Packages, Procedures an Functions.
It is possible to add comments and explanations for parameter, returnvalues, exceptions and variables.

Documentation/User Guide:


Example for Adding Comment to a Package(Header or Body)
CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE myschema.packagename
* <pre>Dieses Package steuert den Ablauf der Befüllung des DWHs.
* URL: $UR$
* Revision: $Rev$
* Author: $Author$
* Date: $Date$
* ID: $Id$
* Person Date Comments<br/>
* --------- ---------- ----------------------------------------
* Name001 01.01.2016 - Neuerstellung.
* Name002 01.02.2016 - PLDOC-Formattierung der Kommentare
* - SVN-Keywords
* </pre>
* @headcom


Inside of the tag <pre></pre> there is no need for the line-break-tags (<br/>)

Example for Adding Comment to a Procedure/Function
/** This is a comment shown til the dot at the end of the comment or an At Sign in the next line.
* @param id This is the description of parameter "id"
* @return This is the description of the returnvalue
* @throws NO_PARTNER_FOUND This is the description of the Exception thrown
FUNCTION check_object(

There must be no colon (‚:‘) after the name of the parameter behind @param!
This is wrong:
* @param id: This is the description of parameter "id"

You can remove the colons for example with notepad++ like described here.


Example-Call on Windows to generate the PL-DOC:
call pldoc.bat -doctitle 'Special Database Project Name' -d DirectoryInWhichTheDocWillBeStored -inputencoding ISO-8859-15 --overview OverviewToBeIncludedAutomatically.html SourceDirectory/*.sql SourceDirectory/*.pkb SourceDirectory/*.pks


Alternative doc-generators for PLSQL to evaluate can be:


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