Data Vault Modeling

Datamodelling the core-dwh

Bill Inmon: Corporate Information Factory,
Ralph Kimball: Dimensional Modeling
Dan Linstedt: Data Vault

Data Vault Modeling:
New Modeling Method for the Core Enterprise Data Warehouse including the complete history.
This technique allows to follow a complete agile approach.

Here a few links for more information about Data Vault:

Data Vault Modeling specification (DanLinstedt)
Data Vault Loading Specification v1.2 (DanLinstedt)

Data Vault Modeling guide (Hans Hultgren 2012)

A very good overview and real-life-example from Source to Raw/Information-Mart by Kent Graziano:
Part 1: Agile Modeling: Not an Option Anymore
Part 2: Data Vault 2.0 Modeling Basics
Part 3: The Business Data Vault
Part 4: Building an Information Mart With Your Data Vault

Data Matters (Unseen)

Modeling One Model for persistence and access with Data Vault

Web Archive for MakingDataMeaningful: Data Vault: Hubs, Links, and Satellites With Associated Loading Patterns


Forum: (not active anymore)

Core DWH Modellierung: Vergleich Data Vault und konsolidierte Ankermodellierung (nicht Anchormodelling!)

Anker – Modellierung im Core Data Warehouse

Additional resources:

Visual Data Vault – DV-extension for Microsoft Visio DWH-Automatisation The Data Warrior



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